Friday, May 7, 2010

MashUp of 3 powerful woman

Diminutive in the imposing vastness of her office, Angela Merkel appears surprisingly frail for someone who's spent the past 20 years upending political norms. NOW Angela Merkel has more power than any leader on the continent, says Time Magazine, and with power comes responsibility. Being a political leader is one demonstration of power but Not many women could manage to make a flowery apron sexy. Now 55, Merkel, Germany's first Chancellor raised in the communist East, is the head of a democratic form of government and the guardian of individual freedoms that she was denied until her 30s. Becoming so powerful and respectable not always comes with good body and stunning looks, the first few years of Miss Keller’s life gave no clue to her later greatness. She was wild, unruly child after she became blind and deaf, imprisoned in a world which she could not communicate but after finding her inner talent mark twain once wrote: " the two most interesting characters of the 19th century are napoleon and Helen Keller." And That’s exactly what model Miranda Kerr managed to achieve, when she launched the Victoria's Secret Heavenly Flowers perfume in New York yesterday.

Catherine Mayer/Berlin with reporting by Tristana Moore / Berlin and Mark Thompson / Washington
© Time Magazine, REGIERUNGonline
the gazette, second section page 14, monday june 3, 1968